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ONE of Mark’s LinkedIn posts has been generating some interest so thought to publish it on the eConsultant website due to the importance and value of the points highlighted:


When you hire, you could hire someone who can be trained, who will learn. Or you hire a ‘winner’ / a professional who delivers time after time – who knows how to cross the finish line… as you require.

If you don’t hire based on those 2 factors, what else can you do… well, all you can do is hope (and/or pray), isn’t that so?

Hope that the new hire works out; that’s all you’ve got isn’t it, these three options:

  1. Pay for a professional / ‘winner’ who delivers
  2. Train someone (who costs less to hire)
  3. Hope whoever you select works out

Good luck – or wiser to not rely on luck; contact an expert

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