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How To Be Successful in 2021 with Digital Marketing

WHAT’S your experience of companies doing digital marketing – and recruiting effectively? This is a powerful article about how to do it better; it’s not perfect but it’s a good start. Many businesses should have been doing better before now … Continue reading

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Changing shopping habits are hurting even the biggest brands…

… and fuelling redevelopment of unloved retail space as gyms and hotels DIGITAL is still the future … Retail is having to recognise £1 in every £5 spent at shops is online – a figure predicted to rise to 50% … Continue reading

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Best Knife Crime Statistical Analysis for Decades (Q2 2019)

DETAILED and improved analysis of knife crime statistics has appeared online this year – and it shows a clearer picture of the issue compared to some 15 years ago when I first started taking a long, hard look at what … Continue reading

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TOO little, too late? Google rushes to help struggling UK high street

WATCHING the UK High Street apparently ‘closing down’ is painful to watch. Many struggle with the transformation and change required – the restructuring and ‘digital re-engineering’. And this isn’t helped by insufficient online skills and experience in the workforce. Google … Continue reading

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Making A Better Future… of Holograms + Glass

I’M OBSESSED about contributing to a better future – for you… for the people, communities and environments wherever my life exists – at work, at home and while travelling. Amidst my dreaming and planning, I’ve always wondered at the vision … Continue reading

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Marketing leaders: Losing jobs too often?

MARKETING leaders (and their teams) are often in a revolving door, more quickly out of a role than other senior management. Yet research shows it’s not wise. Why? Because CEOs in high marketing capability firms have 35% more months in … Continue reading

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Companies still failing to do SEO / search marketing basics

Worklife is busy as a digital consultant so it’s always difficult to choose the next piece of content for the website. This blog is about the sometimes sick state of business (and perhaps other organisations), so it seems appropriate then … Continue reading

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Using hindsight to understand Brexit and the EU

JUST as there are fears today in 2017 about leaving the EU, there have been fears and criticisms about staying in for decades. I came across a past model essay outlining arguments for and against staying in the Common Market … Continue reading

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For more leads and sales, SEO and PPC must collaborate

IT IS NOW critical that teams in search optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) work together. It used to be usual to have an agency or organic / natural search specialist carry out SEO while a PPC expert focused solely on advertising. … Continue reading

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Professionals for hire

ONE of Mark’s LinkedIn posts has been generating some interest so thought to publish it on the eConsultant website due to the importance and value of the points highlighted: When you hire, you could hire someone who can be trained, … Continue reading

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