How To Be Successful in 2021 with Digital Marketing

WHAT’S your experience of companies doing digital marketing – and recruiting effectively? This is a powerful article about how to do it better; it’s not perfect but it’s a good start. Many businesses should have been doing better before now – but here’s an opportunity to start getting it right.

One of the first things your company should consider is trust and reputation by running a proper onboarding process. Then, having decent understanding about what digital is, knowing what a digital strategy is (and not looking for the ‘silver bullet’ or instant magic results).

Want to build the perfect digital marketing team?

If you want to put together a perfect collection of digital marketers who grow your business to stellar levels, generating pipelines of copious leads, retaining recurring revenue like queues of cars at fuel pumps, then you just scout for the most talented individuals, convince them that you’re exactly where they should be, and bring them on board. After that, it’s just a matter of keeping them happy.

That’s how you’re doing it, or tried to do it?

If it were that simple, every business would be flourishing with a dream team powering their marketing efforts. The truth is however that while not that long ago a single person or two could handle the bulk of the marketing efforts, all that is changing.

You possibly piled everything thing onto one digital goose and expected delivery of expected golden eggs. That though is bad management. No matter how skilled such digital experts are, they don’t have enough arms – or hours in the day – to get everything done…

How to build better digital marketing. Read on …

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