Making A Better Future… of Holograms + Glass

I’M OBSESSED about contributing to a better future – for you… for the people, communities and environments wherever my life exists – at work, at home and while travelling.

Amidst my dreaming and planning, I’ve always wondered at the vision of a better life offered by glass… high tech glass… demonstrated in Corning’s ‘Day of Glass’ video.

With an eye-watering YouTube audience soaring into many millions, if you haven’t seen this future of glass at home and work, and would like a glimpse into what must now seem a not-too-distant future, you can watch ‘The Day Made of Glass’ here.


The Future of Glass at Home

And then there’s Star Wars and the coming of holographic communications. Almost here too – 3D projections just an electric cable away from our living rooms


3D TV-style holograms

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